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UGL Italiani nel Mondo collaborates with the Connazionali in carrying out procedures in Italy that involve the country's government at any of its levels. If you have questions or inqueries, we will guide you on how to resolve them in the fastest and most efficient way.

If you plan to take advantage of your stay in Italy to solicit documentation, enroll in public services or exercise some of your rights as a citizen and have questions regarding the documentation you need to bring, we will explain step by step so you do not waste time and plan properly your movements.

In addition, we can guide and advise you if you have questions about how to perform some of these procedures within the European Community. The Italian passport opens many doors around the world and your Global Tessera allows you to take advantage of these benefits by accompanying you and informing you of the requirements and particularities of different procedures from establishing residence in Europe to opening bank accounts and enrolling in the European health insurance.

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