Education in Italy

Learn Italian at all levels, in person or from the comfort of your home, study with those who know better, from cooking and design to BAs and Masters.

Your culture at your disposal

Sponsored university careers

Are you thinking of continuing your studies abroad or acquire a Master? Italy offers you access to its best universities. Also, while residing in Italy, you have the unique opportunity to be able to initiate your citizenship procedure while you are studying there.

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Travel assistance

From conecting with companies to establishing residency in Italy, your Global Tessera accompanies you all the way to get the most out of every interaction with this country. Our benefits program will allow you not only to create new connections with Italy but also to guide you, assist and answer all your questions regarding investments, procedures, travel and more.

When you are traveling and need help or advice.

Tourist promotions

Are you thinking about paying a visit to the land of your ancestors? UGL Italiani Nel Mondo has exclusive promotions for you, in addition to the U$D 500 we have already credited you.

Health Coverage

With your Tessera Global you have included, at no cost, travel assistance for up to 90 days each time you visit Europe and the option of requesting a second medical opinion at first level entities in Italy. In addition, we advise you and guide you in the inscription to the Italian health system, if you decide to stay in Italy.

Your health and safety are important to us.

Accompaniment in the event of death

One of the fears we all suffer is not knowing what will happen on our family's future in the face of a death. From UGL Italiani Nel Mondo we offer you options of grants and pensions so that you know that your family is protected.

Assistance benefits for the loss of a loved one.

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Contact one of our asessore and he will guide you through the benefits program so you can explore all the opportunities that Tessera Global has to offer.