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If a relative of a Connazionale has the right to apply for an Italian citizenship, the Global Tessera will contact him or her with top-notch professionals and will help him/her to manage his/her request in the most immediate and effective way possible.

With each new year, new government, new changes in the community, we understand that it is becoming increasingly difficult to follow the thread of how the regulations and requirements for all types of procedures have changed. UGL Italiani Nel Mondo, is here to guide you and keep you updated on what is happening and what are the steps to follow so that you can exercise your rights as an Italian.



Are you looking to initate a citizenship filing for your partner, your children or for yourself? At UGL Italiani nel Mondo we understand that this process can be long and frustrating, so we work every day to find opportunities so you can carry out these procedures in the most effective and immediate way.

Today we offer you 4 opportunities that you cannot miss:

Citizenship per Iuri Matrimonii
Changes in the requirements to apply for the citizenship thorugh marriage have undergone changes in the last year that we understand can be frustrating to navigate, therefore, from UGL Italiani Nel Mondo we guide you so you can perform this procedure in the most effective way, and taking into account the new requirements and the needs of the applicant.
Citizenship through an Investor’s visa
If you are of Italic origin and wish to obtain your citizenship, you could apply for a long-term investor visa and work and live in Italy while you obtain it. This opportunity gives you not only the possibility of starting the citizenship process but also developing business and guarantees in Italy for the future.
Start your citizenship while you study
Your Global Tessera will guide and advise you through its channels of assistance so that you can start your citizenship procedure at the same time you study. This incredible opportunity is for those who are thinking about starting a university career and venturing to do it in Italy while together we work in your citizenship.
Jure Sanguinis Citizenship in Italy
We bring you the opportunity to settle in Italy with the intention of realizing your citizenship procedure. We help you coordinate your arrival to Italy, restart your work life and start enjoying this land as a local, while you are undergoing the citizenship process.

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